dvdXsoft 3GP Video Converter

dvdXsoft 3GP Video Converter

What can dvdXsoft 3GP Video Converter do for you?

dvdXsoft 3GP Video Converter is a video/movie converting tool to convert video/movie to Phone 3GP video by the two formats supported: H.263 and MPEG4. It can convert almost all video formats, e.g.FLV, DivX, XviD, MOV, RM, RMVB, dvr-ms, MPEG, WMV, AVI to 3GP Movie / 3GP Video formats. It supports easy-to-use interfaces, the fastest converting speed with excellent output Video and Audio quality. Now only with quick 1-2-3 steps you can share your favority movies on Phone anytime, anywhere and freely.

Why choose dvdXsoft 3GP Video Converter?

1. Support Input/Output preview at the same time
You can watch the movies at the same time when you are converting movies.

Note: There is no sound when you are converting movies.

2. Two-pass encoding mode is supported
Our dvdXsoft 3GP Video Converter is the first product that supports two-pass encoding mode, with this feature it will improves the video quality and doesn’t make the file any larger.

Note: This will take twice as long time to encode.

3. Full WMV, RMVB Supported
We use directshow technology to support the newest WMV9 and RMVB formats.

4. Clip function supported
Our dvdXsoft 3GP Video Converter can custom a clip of a movie manually.

5. Optimize 3GP Video
We optimize output Video for Zune, so use our dvdXsoft 3GP Video Converter you will get more fixed video for 3GP watching.

6. Power Audio / Video / Subtitle Synchronize
With our own developed Synchronize technology, the software will not have any unsynchronizing problems on output 3GP Video.

7. Single file output mode
With this function you can mix multiple files and output as a single file.

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