Disk2File V1.3x

Disk2File have been designed for sampler users. It’s primary use was to help to build CDROM for samplers from any SCSI device, but three main functions are included in the software:

Functions: – Read a SCSI disk using a binary sector per sector method and writes content into a file. Length can be specified (starting at sector 0).
– Read a file and writes it to a SCSI disk using the same binary method. Length can be specified also (up to file or disk size).
– Execute a binary copy from one disk to another.

- Works for Win95, Win98, Win NT 4.0 and Win NT 2000 with ASPI layer
– High performance: transfert rate very closed to media transfert rate
– Works for Akai samplers, Yamaha A3000, ROLAND samplers, EMU samplers, etc….

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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