CT Pad

CT Pad is a fast and powerful Notepad replacement with many more options for the serious user with advanced Copy and Paste functions and choices of easy to open shortcuts.

Options include:

  • Font Style
  • Font Color
  • Background Color
  • Copy Text Simply by Highlighting (Dragging)
  • Insert Date, Time and File Properties
  • Word Wrap On/Off
  • Find and Replace
  • Spell Check
  • Opens and Saves Many File Types
  • Print
  • Spell Check (Word 97 and above required)
  • Copy Just by Highlighting Or
  • Copy by Right Click Menu (Windows default)
  • Replace and Restore Windows Notepad
  • Add to Windows Explorer Context Menu (Right Click)
  • Stay on Top of Windows
  • Add to Start Button Right Click
  • Add Icon to Internet Explorer Toolbar

    Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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