CSSDesigner for Linux

CSSDesigner for Linux

CSSDesigner takes full advantage of the latest Linux technologies, giving you speedy, powerful tools that let you touch up and enhance css, draw or paint, apply dazzling effects, or create advanced compositions amazingly simple. A powerful tools ?Quickly and easily create any CSS3(CSS2) effects. ?Edit and apply special effects to portions of select ?Select and remove unwanted elements of your desinger css properties. ?Copy one layer to other Top-notch painting tools ?Paint with CSSDesinger as you would on canvas ?Use different sizes, shapes, and blending modes ?Adjust CSS settings to get just the look you want Compatibility ?Open and save CSS using css format ?Open and save CSS with layers

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Summary: Linux, CSSDesinger, CSS3

Concepts: Cascading Style Sheets, Painting, Mozilla Firefox, Special effects, The Look

/technology and computing/programming languages/javascript
/technology and computing/software/graphics software
/business and industrial

Tags: desinger css properties, latest Linux technologies, Top-notch painting tools, powerful tools, Cascading Style Sheets, CSS settings, css format, special effects, dazzling effects, advanced compositions, unwanted elements, Mozilla Firefox, different sizes, unlimited useSummary, layersGet CSSDesigner, computing/programming languages/javascript/technology, computing/software/graphics software/business, CSSDesinger, advantage, portions, modes, Compatibility, Edit, shapes, canvas, Copy, look, LinuxPurchase, version, CSS3Concepts

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