Crossworders’ Dictionary and Gazetteer 7

Crossworders' Dictionary and Gazetteer 7

3 Million word crossword puzzle dictionary This twenty thousand (20,000) page digital dictionary/gazetteer (version 7) supplements all other paper crossword dictionaries and is by far the largest and most complete work of its kind. It is the heavyweight of crossword references. The dictionary is over eighteen thousand (18,000) pages long and the gazetteer content is over fifteen hundred (1,500) pages. The software allows for extensive easy searching and browsing, including specialized gazetteer (geography) sub-searches to find rivers, cities, language, coin, measure, VIPs and much more. The total work contains over four hundred and ten thousand (410,000) individual look-up words with over three million total words including look-up word definitions (clues) and supporting information, all cross referenced. The included word entries are timely (year 2017) and extend back over seventy five years to represent more puzzler clues than can be found in anything available. Also included is almanac material (i.e. Nobel Prize & Academy Award winners, Shakespeare, sports, film and songs) and extensive foreign language content. A new feature of version 6 allows the user to generate their own dictionary of up to 50,000 look-up words with an allotment of 50 characters for clues for each look-up word. This user created private dictionary has the same search and sort functions as that of the main dictionary. Also in version 6 is a new separate dictionary for Queries, Quotes, Quips and Themes. * Three million total words * Over 20,000 Equivalent paper pages * Over 1,500 pages of geographical reference material * User Created Private Dictionary (up to 50,000 look-up words with several optional clues) * Additional separate dictionary for queries, quotes, quips and themes * Cross referenced * Easy word & clue search / browse * Special gazetteer (geography) search feature (cities, rivers, coin, mountain, lakes VIP etc.) * Extensive foreign language content * Modern and historical content * Content is from actual crossword puzzles * Almanac material (Nobel Prizes, Academy Awards, Shakespeare, film, song, Walk of Fame)

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Summary: Dictionary and Gazetteer, Nobel Prize, Academy Awards, seventy five years

Concepts: Puzzle, Nobel Prize, Academy Award, Crossword, Rhyming dictionary, Will Shortz, Alfred Nobel, Academy Award for Best Picture

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Tags: look-up words, extensive foreign language, Nobel Prize, word crossword puzzle, individual look-up words, look-up word definitions, paper crossword dictionaries, Academy Award, actual crossword puzzles, page digital dictionary/gazetteer, Created Private Dictionary, extensive easy searching, material (i.e., total words, foreign language content, Academy Award winners, Equivalent paper pages, geographical reference material, gazetteer content, crossword references, Academy Awards, Special gazetteer, puzzler clues, optional clues, Alfred Nobel, complete work, word entries, total work, Easy word, clue search, sort functions, search feature, new feature, unlimited useSummary, Best PictureCategories, interests/games/board games, literature/reference books, version, user, queries, cities, Quips, film, rivers, Shakespeare, quotes, VIPs, Shortz

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