ClickBank ToolKit (w/Resale Rights)

ClickBank ToolKit (w/Resale Rights)

Some of the things included in the Clickbank Toolkit allow you to:

Have multiple clickbank sales pages with one clickbank account – Normally an affiliate is limited to sending your traffic to one page. This allows you to have up to 50 different sales pages per clickbank account. This is probably one of the most requested problem to be solved that I see with clickbank merchants.

Clickbank Download Protection System – This prevents people from sharing your download page with other people once they have purchased from you. It will also help keep out people who stumble onto your download pages. It does this by double checking that the page is being access directly from the clickbank system when an order was placed. This can be a real money saver for any clickbank merchant.

Create an affiliate generator link form to place on your site – You want to make things as easy as possible for anyone wishing to become an affiliate seller for you. Included in the Clickbank Toolkit is a program to generate the code which will put a signup form on your web page. All the person has to do is put in their clickbank nickname and it creates the relevant link for them. It should be noted that the Affiliate link cloaker and encryptor can be used by anyone, not just clickbank vendors or affiliates. Ease of Installation and Use I have to give it Steve Shaw. One of my first concerns was how difficult it would be to implement these scripts on a site. I am happy to say it is very, very easy. It literally is a matter of a few simple, well documented steps to install the scripts. The affiliate cloaking and encrypting programs are even easier because they come in a software program you run. This takes you step by easy step through the process. Everything worked flawlessly. I am thoroughly happy with the clickbanktoolkit. In particular I give it high marks for the following reasons: You get a lot for your money – The Clickbank Toolkit includes multiple scripts and programs in a total price which is extremely reasonable for the amount of functions you get. I have seen programs which give you some of the individual functions of this program for more money than the combined value of this complete package. Easy of use – very straight forward and easy to implement. Return on your investment – if you are a clickbank affiliate or vendor, this program can quickly pay for itself. It basics takes very good steps to ensure that the commissions and products are given to those who they rightfully belong to.

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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