Clever Uninstaller

Clever Uninstaller

Are you tired of the uninstaller comes with the Windows ? Have you ever installed some software that can not be uninstalled with the Windows’ uninstaller? Now comes the Clever Uninstaller software. Clever Uninstaller is the best uninstall program for you. Clever Uninstaller is green shareware that you need not install it to your computer. You need only create a folder on your computer, unzip the zip file to it, and double click the exe file to run it. The downloaded package is zipped by WinZip, if you have no WinZip software installed on your computer, you may download one from Because it does not install, it will not create garbage on your computer here and there. It will not change your registry, and not create temporary files. If you want to remove the software, you need only delete the folder, the software will be removed completelty. No garbage will be left on your computer.

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