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Create and Print Proposals using Plain Paper Print Blank Proposal (complete on site). Contains Customer data only. Saved into a Proposal Report Create Custom Terms and Disclosure data or use Generic. Job site can differ from Customer Location Body of the proposal can be created from a document, a previously saved Template or entered manually. Add a tax statement. Enter a price and select “Payment in Full”, “Down Payment” or up to 8 Payments. May be saved as a Template for later use. Select payment dates and amounts Print up to 5 copies. Used in conjunction with Citrus Invoicer to prepare Customer Invoice

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Summary: Customer Location Body

Concepts: Proposal, Paper, Proposals, Payment, Enter key, Payments, Generic programming

/technology and computing/consumer electronics/home video and dvd
/finance/personal finance/lending/credit cards
/technology and computing/enterprise technology/customer relationship management

Tags: Print Blank Proposal, InvoiceGet Citrus Proposal, Proposal Report Create, previously saved Template, Select payment dates, Customer Location Body, Customer Location BodyConcepts, computing/consumer electronics/home video, dvd/finance/personal finance/lending/credit cards/technology, computing/enterprise technology/customer relationship, Citrus Invoicer, Print Proposals, Citrus ProposalPurchase, Disclosure data, Customer data, Generic programmingCategories, Enter key, Custom Terms, Job site, tax statement, unlimited useSummary, Payments

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