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Financial Excel Collection 2013

Financial Excel Collection 2013

Our Complete Financial Excel Collection provides150 finance spreadsheets which will help improve your business finances, analyze stock valuations, explains & demonstrates dividend maxing share portfolios, manage cash flows, create Excel budgets, identify key business ratios and model financial statements and forecasts quickly and effectively.

Activity Cost Analysis. Cost categories linked to cost database in Excel linked to work time provide complete analysis of project costs by activity and by employee work time. Suitable for R&D tax credits cost analysis, project costing, staff costing records.

Stock Dividends Maxing for Excel?increase dividend income with designer share portfolio Excel plan. Live examples from NYSE, TSX and LSE high yield portfolio.

Share valuations 2013 for Excel.

Cash management – A/P & A/R control Excel workbooks.

Financial ratio templates for Excel. Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis calculates 50 key ratios, including efficiency ratios, earnings ratios, operating ratios, shareholder returns, working capital ratios, debt, sales days, inventory turnover, and liquidity.

Balanced Financial Scorecard for Excel.

Excel budgeting workbook saves you time preparing monthly budgets for multiple profit departments.

Investment-Calc provides rate of return investment analysis, forecasting and risk control spreadsheets. Present values and internal rates of return, ROIC and discounted cash flows.

Asset Accounting. Our Asset Register provides all aspects of fixed asset and property management in an easy-to-use solution.

Leasing Schedules will keep track of your lease accounts and consolidates current outstanding balances, monthly interest and repayment and forecasts annual cumulative totals and balances until repayment. Includes balloons.

Inventory Control & Scheduling keeps track of 3,000 inventory items, calculates and remembers month end inventories.

Risk Analysis Sales forecasting probability analysis, investment return risk, break even analysis with Monte Carlo methods.

Instant Balance Sheets gives you quick calculations of source and application of funds (bank balance forecasting).

Costing & expense control including activity based costing, cost drivers, economic batch quantities, allocate overhead costs by department, allocates depreciation costs.

FastPlan helps you prepares and analyses 5 year financial plans quickly and easily. Develops Excel balance sheets, income forecasts and cash flows. Includes monthly sales forecasting & itemized monthly expenses.

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Quick Budget Plan for Investors

Quick Budget Plan for Investors

This Excel workbook will help you negotiate and secure investment financing from banks, investors & corporate partnerships – we scored 100% success for our clients using this approach.

The workbook provides you with the right way to prepare a quick monthly budget plan for investors.

Ready to use templates help you forecast SKU volumes, tonnages, prices, semi variable cost ratios and fixed costs burdens.

Prepare drill down costing in detai.

Easy plan to forecast working capital requirements.

Easy plan monthly cash flow requirements.


Start your own Business Consulting Firm ? Contracts ? Proposal format – Government Contract forms – Cash Forecasting ? Marketing Plan ? Business Plan plus thirty additional self help guides.

Start your own Bookkeeping Business ? Contracts ? Business Plan ? Client sign up ? Monthly Planning ? Weekly Reporting ? Budgets ? Worksheets

Start your own Hotel Consulting Business ? Teach owners how to improve their bottom line with our smart Booking forecasts ? Booking Register ? Improvement costs worksheet ? Food costing – Earnings forecasts ? Profit Model ? Plus bonus Sodium/Salt spreadsheet to promote healthy eating marketing strategy. This one unique Excel workbook provides your path to consulting income.

Self Teaching Documents ? Start a Hospitality Business – Start up cost estimator ? financial costs estimator ? food costs estimator ? market research cost estimator ? financial plan ? skill assessment estimator ? 24 forms in total to help you start a new hospitality business.

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My Loans Manager 2011 (iPad/cloud app)

My Loans Manager 2011 (iPad/cloud app)

My Loans Manager 2011 is a comprehensive loan management app which will help you organize all your loan accounts, check for interest rate overcharging, provides quick and easy ways to update schedules as repayments are made or received and integrates with Excel to print account summaries.

Keep your finances up to date after every credit card, lease or loan repayment with instant web reporting. Review individual accounts and the combined status of all loan accounts.

Consolidate all loans into a combined interest rate and outstanding balance after each repayment. This gives you the current refinancing loan rate at any moment in time.

Access My Loans Manager from your computer, iPad or any other mobile pad. Share with other members of your group.

You can bring all loans together to report last period principal and interest plus loan balances for each and all loans.


?1. You (and sharing members) can maintain loan account records, summarize accounts, review repayments of principal and interest.

?2. You can set up accounts with weekly, bi-weekly, 4 weekly, monthly, 2 monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly (Canadian semi annual compounding) or annual payment schedules.

?3. You can click “Payments” and update each account by one payment period.

?4. You can manage missed payments, partial payments, accelerated repayments, new loans and penalty costs, reset interest rates.

?5. You can bring all your loans together in the Summary report to list the current repayment status of each loan and the combined selected accounts) repayments, periodic and total interest.

?6. You can drag/drop tables and reports into Excel to integrate with your financial spreadsheets.

After purchasing, please wait while we create your cloud software account. We will send you an email with your login directions and password.

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Quick Five Year Financial Plans Plus Ratios

Quick Five Year Financial Plans Plus Ratios

FastPlan provides a complete five year financial plan using Microsoft Excel to create balance sheets, income statements and cash flow forecasts.

With FastPlan you can forecast your investment finances, fixed asset purchases, revenues, expenses, balance sheets and cash flows month by month for five years.

Incorporating accounts receivable and payables and inventory and FastPlan produces a complete five year schedule of balance sheets. Monthly depreciation and loan interest and repayment schedules can easily be incorporated into the five year plan.

Outputs include a Management summary covering the five year period containing all the ratios and multiples.

No previous accounting experience is necessary. A tutorial editon in the zip file shows you what goes where..

Users can input five year forecasts outputs into the Company Valuation spreadsheet to value a business using Sales multiples, EBIT multiples and price earnings multiples.

Multiple ratio valuation benchmarks are provided so that the user can obtain a current value for a business purchase or sale.

Zip file download or select CD edition shipping.

Entrepreneur Program. We provide contacts from our 5,000-client database for entrepreneurs interested in locating angel investors, corporate partners, joint ventures, and business collaborations, or any other legit search. We will contact you after purchase to provide more information. Join us.

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Quick 3 Year Plan

Quick 3 Year Plan

Now includes latest Excel address lists, company names, stock symbols, cash balances, contact emails of dynamic Canadian capital blind pool investment firms. Public trading shares. Seek global investment opportunities for mergers. $3 million seed capital. Weekly additions.

Our complete collection of our financial plan workbooks provides 50 business finance spreadsheets plus 9 Excel Add-ins and full Excel Training Course to help you create your forecasts quickly and easily. The following is a partial summary:

Three year cash flow plan helps you combine monthly forecasts quickly easily and convert into cash flows

Forecasting calculations are so easy with Excel. Excel links spreadsheets together so that you can filter and sort records just anyway you want.

If you need to calculate your cash burn each day for 150 days ahead use the cash forecasting spreadsheet.

If you need to look further ahead use the Cash Flow accounting spreadsheets which make it really quick and simple to prepare a detailed monthly budget plan and forecast how your balance sheets and cash flows will look for 5 years x 12 monthly periods ahead.

You can value your company based on your budget forecasts using the valuation spreadsheet.

Zip file download or select CD edition shipping.

Become a member of our 4,000 members club buying & selling foreign exchange at mid market prices. No bid-offer pricing. Save on all fx deals. No charges.

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Instant Balance Sheets Excel Templates

Instant Balance Sheets Excel Templates


Instant Balance Sheets provides 12 month revenue and expense forecasts spreadsheet, linked to working capital forecasts, fixed asset purchases with monthly depreciation. Creates monthly balance sheets and cash flow forecasts from your plans.

Ideal for when you want to turn your monthly profit and loss forecasts or last 12 months data into monthly and year end balance sheets and cash flows.

Start by entering monthly inputs of Unit Volumes/Prices/Cost of Sales and Company Expenses (100 rows). There are quick and easy working capital and fixed capital forecast spreadsheets provided.

All monthly balance sheets ?balance? by transferring changes occurring between successive monthly periods into the monthly cash flow spreadsheet. The cash flow schedule tracks changes for all twelve monthly balance sheets and calculates the balancing cash position at the end of each month.

If you want to transform 12 month financials (historical or forecast) into neat income schedules and balance sheets to display to management, investors, lenders, banks, use Instant Balance Sheets for really quick results.

Provides a forward looking planning suite which accepts monthly unit volume forecasts, different product prices and cost of sales for the 12 month period and a monthly company expenses forecast. You can predict sales days outstanding, inventory levels and percentage of sales supporting receivables.

Provides a demo version which shows you how everything fits together.

You can select immediate download or the CD edition.

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Universal Pricing Calculators

Universal Pricing Calculations for Excel.

The Universal Pricing Excel Spreadsheets calculate price – demand relationships and uses standard accounting formula to give you the exact price which will produce the maximum profit for any product.

The user supplies two datasets, [email protected] and [email protected]
The program calculates elasticity of demand (change in demand for $1 change in price) and the price which yields the maximum profit.

The second part of the program calculates discount price required to create additonal demand that will sell unused spare capacity or stock at maximum profit.

The third part of the program supplies a costing calculator for Excel. Input these unit cost values in the pricing calculators.

Excel finds the exact Price which maximizes this standard profit formula:

Profit for period = Demand*Price (Revenues) – Demand*Unit Costs = Maximum value.

An easy way to understand the relationship of price – demand – profit for any product is to use the program to drive the Price – Demand – Profit schedule and charts provided. You will see that as prices start to rise in the chart, profits increase, reaching a maximum plateau, then decline as demand falls away. The program calculates the maximum price point of any product curve that produces the maximum profit

The Excel costing calculator works out unit product costs for the optimum pricing – profit calculations.

After purchase customers can submit a free web advertisement for inclusion in our financial web site which will reach all our customers. If you want to make new contacts internationally, this is a way forward. When you receive your email order confirmation, contact us with your order number and we will supply you with your login passwords to the free submit page.

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Maximizing R&D Tax Credits

Maximizing R&D Tax Credits

Large, small and micro companies can apply for and use R&D tax credits as a highly valuable source of company funding.

R&D tax credits have become a permanent feature of corporate cash planning.

Our R&D Tax Credit Application Workbook downloads will assist your firm justify and qualify for your R&D Tax Refunds.

Among the firms we have helped include lumber kiln drying, sunglass manufacturer, software developers instrument manufacturers, video security, CDC controls, major brands multinational, aerospace defence contractor and many more.

Our spreadheets assists collection of allowable tax credit expenses sorted into 15 qualifying cost centers your key component of success.

We provife essential technical keywords & key phrases, supplied by our PhD/MIT Sloan technology consultant.

Activity Based R&D Project Costing with Excel.

Staff time sheet R&D activity recording.

Qualifying Activity Cost capture spreadsheets.

Stastical Analysis Tools will help justify your claims

Consolidate staff time and cost records with Excel.

Transfer R&D staff time costs to your G/L quickly and easily.

Reduce audit costs.

Ensure compliance.

Download now.

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Entrepreneurs Cloud Business Development Pack

Entrepreneurs Cloud Business Development Pack

Cloud Networking & Business Development Software.

Post your pitch for any of the following: Part time work opportunities, employment search, employment opportunities, project development requirements, investor relations, consulting services or angel investors from within our 5,000 strong network of financial managers, consultants, specialists, accountants, businesses and angel investors.

Contacts are located in every city in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and South Africa plus Dublin, London, Doha, Kuwait City, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong & Shanghai.

Create your own permanent follower down line in the clouds with our Business Development software.

Create your own pitch web pages. Pinpoint “hot” followers.

Find angel investors with our email program and impress them with professional Excel spreadsheets. Quick Budget Plan, Instant Balance Sheets and Financial Statement Forecasting are all provided within this comprehensive help package for entrepreneurs.

One Excel download is delivered with order confirmation. We will supply you with the other two.

Be the first – prime location. Million Dollar Notice Board. Advertise your company to our 5,000 business clients. Be among the first – prime location – this is a great business opportunity.

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Monte Carlo Financial Modeling 2008

Monte Carlo Financial Modeling 2008

Optimized to run with Microsoft Office 365 and standard Microsoft Excel.

Easy & Quick Monte Carlo Risk Analysis and Modeling Spreadsheets will help you model financial outcomes quickly and effectively.

The Sales & Profit Forecasting modeler will accurately predict your company sales and profits by combining up to 15 different product or profit center estimates of incoming sales leads, costs per lead, leads conversion rates, price yields, gross profit margins, G&A recovery rates and their upper and lower limits. Forecasts probabilities achieving any sales or profit targets using Monte Carlo simulations.

The Monthly Sales Model provides confidence level of reaching any 12 month sales goal using Monte Carlo sales forecasting simulations.

The Capital Project Model analyses the probability that investment capital will be justified by returning the target ROIC value set by the user when up to 15 variables are combined. Investment simulations apply Monte Carlo calculations. This Sim simply works out whether a target ROIC value will be reached or not. InvestmentSIm listed below analyses an entire 10 year investment period and calculates the most probable levels of IRR, ROIC and NPV.

Investment-Calc will model any investment project, combining all years 1-10 variables to predict the most probable values for IRR, ROIC and Net Present Values.

The Gross Profit Margin Model (2 workbooks collection) combines up to 15 variables and product mixes applying Monte Carlo analysis.

All six workbooks will run in Excel 2003 ? 2011.

Download a zip file or purchase the CD edition.

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