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Fibonacci Lines Analyzer

Fibonacci Lines Analyzer is a powerful application designed to show Fibonacci, Gann and other powerful forex and stock trading indicators.

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Mega AI Predictor

Mega AI Predictor

GiMeSpace Mega AI predictor is a program that is using past historical data to predict future data. Obvious applications can be predicting stock market shares and any other hard to predict data streams. It is using highly optimized techniques that automatically adapt to the data that is being used. The techniques are coming from the Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network and Machine Learning science and is used in such a way that maximum learning capacity is provided for hard to predict data. The program is highly optimized for the latest x64 Windows computers. It supports up to 2048 parallel CPU cores/threads and up to 16TB of virtual memory. The more memory and computing power you have available for this program the more effective this program will predict future data. Since it is recommended to use massive amounts of memory, the speed of the calculations are likely limited by the access speed of you memory. For extreme projects you might want to invest in the latest high bandwidth RAM and processors that are able to access this RAM at maximum speed. Using this program: This program will only run on 64bit windows! Although the logic behind this program is highly complex, this program is actually very straight forward and easy to use. When you start the program you will see the main text screen giving you all the information you need. And 8 buttons on top that perform all the tasks that are needed. On the bottom right is a button that can be used to interrupt calculations if you need to interrupt the program. You will have to start the calculations again at a later time. The first button on top will create a new project. First you will be asked to specify the input data format. Meta stock 7 file format is supported but also other standard text format data files like csv etc. Values can be separated by spaces, commas or other characters. Data can be presented in horizontal or vertical format. Also there is an option to sort data on a time label if that is present. Next you will be asked to select a file that contains the first data for all the input streams you want to predict or use. The predicting network will be created according to the number of input streams of the first file. Next you will be asked to allocated memory to be used for the predicting network. Unless you have a very simple problem space, it is recommended to use all the memory you have available. You can also allocated more virtual memory on a fast Solid State Disk by making a fixed size page file on that drive. The initial size of this page file is the size that will specify how much virtual memory is available for this program. Please note that the access to an SSD is still much slower than your RAM and although you will have better prediction results, the learning time will be much longer! The program will now generate the prediction network, this can take a lot of time to generate! Once a project is generated you can save it and load it again. You can also choose to import more data. For example if you try to predict stock data you might want to import the latest stock data every day. The next step is to allow the program to learn how to predict the data. The more training iterations you do the better your project will perform. After each training iteration the program will specify how successful it can predict the current data. Maximum success will be with a score of 100% but with real world data this will be of course very rare. In general scores of 95% and higher are useful predictions. After successful learning you can start to predict future data. For each input stream a list of successive data predictions will be produced.

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MajorWare PDF to Excel Converter

MajorWare PDF to Excel Converter

Exports the text, images and other contents from any PDF document into MS Excel document format, so you can edit and reuse your PDF content. Preserves the original PDF text, layout and bitmap images in the generated Excel document. A standalone program and does not require Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat, or even Acrobat Reader. Preserve the original PDF text, columns, tables, and charts in the output Excel spreadsheets. Provide 2 flexible options for the output Excel: Each page into a single Excel sheet or Combine all pages into a single Excel sheet. Support exporting PDF to Microsoft Office Excel 2003/2007/2010/2013.

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Movie Plan Software V2

Movie Plan Software V2

Sell your dream movie project to potential investors! Movie Plan “Investment Memorandum” Software will help you write the most important document for selling your motion picture to potential investors. This is a step-by-step guide to writing a Investment Memorandum for your movie project. E-book included with editable PC and MAC data files. You will be able to download extras and upgrades from a separate site that will be sent to you by email automatically after purchase. For info please email to [email protected]

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Financial Excel All Programs 2013

Financial Excel All Programs 2013

Our Complete Financial Excel Collection provides150 finance spreadsheets which will help improve your business finances, analyze stock valuations, explains & demonstrates dividend maxing share portfolios, manage cash flows, create Excel budgets, identify key business ratios and model financial statements and forecasts quickly and effectively.

Activity Cost Analysis. Cost categories linked to cost database in Excel linked to work time provide complete analysis of project costs by activity and by employee work time. Suitable for R&D tax credits cost analysis, project costing, staff costing records.

Stock Dividends Maxing for Excel?increase dividend income with designer share portfolio Excel plan. Live examples from NYSE, TSX and LSE high yield portfolio.

Share valuations 2013 for Excel.

Cash management – A/P & A/R control Excel workbooks.

Financial ratio templates for Excel. Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis calculates 50 key ratios, including efficiency ratios, earnings ratios, operating ratios, shareholder returns, working capital ratios, debt, sales days, inventory turnover, and liquidity.

Balanced Financial Scorecard for Excel.

Excel budgeting workbook saves you time preparing monthly budgets for multiple profit departments.

Investment-Calc provides rate of return investment analysis, forecasting and risk control spreadsheets. Present values and internal rates of return, ROIC and discounted cash flows.

Asset Accounting. Our Asset Register provides all aspects of fixed asset and property management in an easy-to-use solution.

Leasing Schedules will keep track of your lease accounts and consolidates current outstanding balances, monthly interest and repayment and forecasts annual cumulative totals and balances until repayment. Includes balloons.

Inventory Control & Scheduling keeps track of 3,000 inventory items, calculates and remembers month end inventories.

Risk Analysis Sales forecasting probability analysis, investment return risk, break even analysis with Monte Carlo methods.

Instant Balance Sheets gives you quick calculations of source and application of funds (bank balance forecasting).

Costing & expense control including activity based costing, cost drivers, economic batch quantities, allocate overhead costs by department, allocates depreciation costs.

FastPlan helps you prepares and analyses 5 year financial plans quickly and easily. Develops Excel balance sheets, income forecasts and cash flows. Includes monthly sales forecasting & itemized monthly expenses.

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Business Solvency & Financial Ratios 2008

Business Solvency & Financial Ratios 2008

Is the clock ticking for any of your major customers or suppliers? You can run quick and easy checks on the solvency of companies you rely on to deliver services to you and to buy from you using this Excel Solvency workbook.

Business Solvency:

Our Business Solvency workbook employs all the multivariate analysis equations published by Edward Altman. Altman is the Max L. Heine Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business, New York University.

In the workbook supplied you can simply enter two comparative sets of financial data for any company (including your own). The Altman Z scores are readily computed using the multivariate formulas provided by Professor Altman.

Bonus Addition.

Financial Ratios with Excel

Windex 2008 calculates all major financial ratios in Excel.

Calculates these financial ratios from balance sheet, income statement and cash flow templates provided:

Rate of Return on Assets (ROA)
Rate of Return on Common Equity (ROE)
Return on Capital (ROIC)
Common Earnings Leverage
Cash Flow from Operations/Total Cash Flow Ratio
Cash Flow from Investments/Total Cash Flow Ratio
Cash Flow from Financing/Total Cash Flow Ratio
Operating Cash Flow/Current Liabilities Ratio
Operating Cash Flow/Total Liabilities
Operating Cash Flow/Capital Expenditures
Working Capital/Current Liabilities Ratio
Working Capital/Long Term Liabilities Ratio
Working Capital/Total Debt Ratio
Working Capital/Current Assets Ratio
Working Capital/Total Assets Ratio
Income Tax Expense/Revenues Ratio
Total Assets Turnover Ratio
Fixed Assets Turnover
Current Ratio
Acid Test (See note for Quick Ratio)
Accounts Payables Turnover
Days Accounts Payables outstanding
Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio
Days Receivables Outstanding Ratio
Inventory Turnover
Days Inventory Outstanding
Total Debt to Equity Ratio
Total Debt Coverage ratio
Long Term Debt Ratio
Long Term Debt to Total Assets
Long Term Debt to Shareholder Equity
Total Liabilities/Total Assets
Interest Coverage Ratio

FILE CONVERSION. Convert Excel, Word files to pdf documents without any requirement for Acrobat using our web software add web inks for safe secure document transmissions. Convert PowerPoint 2003-2007 to Flash presentations.

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Google Spreadsheets Excel Templates Collection

Google Spreadsheets Excel Templates Collection

25 Excel files in total. 23 upload and run in Google Docs Spreadsheets, plus 2 Cash Flow Forecasting with file sizes that are greater then the Google Docs limit which enables larger data volumes.

GoogleDocsReceivableCash Forecast (Part 1)
GoogleDocsPayableCashForecast (Part 2)

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