Brightness Guide

Brightness Guide

The program improves brightness of unevenly lightened photos, lighting dark areas while keeping light areas intact. Allows to select lighting parameters in real time. Includes stepwise animated demo samples. Offers these tools: Resize; Crop; Text; Rotation – allows you to rotate an image by any angle; Lighting; Saturation.

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Summary: real time

Concepts: Light, Photography, Star, Classical mechanics, Turn, Rotation, Lighting

/home and garden/home furnishings/lamps and lighting
/technology and computing/software/graphics software
/technology and computing/software/shareware and freeware

Tags: unevenly lightened photos, Saturation.Get Brightness Guide, stepwise animated demo, lighting dark areas, lighting parameters, light areas, Classical mechanics, real time, unlimited useSummary, garden/home furnishings/lamps, real timeConcepts, computing/software/graphics software/technology, Rotation

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