Brickliner is an exciting logic games. To pass the level you need gather different figures consisted of colored blocks for fixed time. Four different blocks are available at the same time. A new block is appeared at the place of the taken one. You should give back the taken block if you didn t place it on the game field. If the block is not suitable you will change it by clicking Next key and losing of 50 points. Don t fill in the field completely, because of difficulties in the future. To clear lines and columns or to add the points you fill in 15 cells one after the other with the help of some blocks on the game field. The remaining time will be added to the one at the next level

Game features:
– Attractive game process.
– Unlimited levels.
– Easy setting regulator of difficulty which will let choosing the desired level of difficulty of the game.
– Very simple interface, which is available for understanding for little children.
– Beautiful graphics is nice for looking at.
– Original idea.
– Relax music, letting fall into the world of Brickliner.
– Possibility of playing for players at any age, sex, character, temperament.

Registration benefits:
– Message box “Unregistered version” disappeared.
– Text “Unregistered version” disappeared.
– Additional Music.
– High score table saving.
– Unlimited stages available.
– Free version upgrade.
– Technical support and assistance via e-mail.

If you encounter any technical problems we’ll help you or give you a full refund.
RISK FREE! 100% Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee!

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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