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Storing in software archives
This service includes effective placement of your software products in large software archives, such as, At present, we can add information about your product to over 300 sites. Our extended data base contains Russian sites too. Using such archives you can really increase the volume of downloads for programs distributed via the Internet.

This service is provided in two phases. During the first week after your order is filed your information will be sent to 150 most popular archives. Then there comes a two weeks break, after which the procedure is repeated. In addition, the agency offers various submit services packages providing continuous updating of information about new version releases.

As a result of the above two-phase procedure, the number of downloads grows to 300-500 a day. However, it is to be noted that this is only an approximate figure. In the end, of primary importance is the quality of your product. In case of copyright infringements, the products may not be placed on some highly popular software archives. On the other hand, placement of attractive proprietary products may have surprisingly good results.

When an order of a single submission is fulfilled, two reports are provided containing the list of sites to which your information has been submitted and where it has been placed. The first report is provided two weeks after filing of the order, the second – at the end of the month. The service is being rendered during a month.

Service ordering frequency
It is desirable that an order is filed after the release of a significantly renewed version, better once in two months. It is unreasonable to file orders more frequently because information is being placed continuously and the response, if any, can be detected not earlier than in two weeks.

Later updates of the information on the site do not produce a noticeable effect on downloading. It should be noted that next versions submissions can be in the form of updates of the previous version or in the form of an entirely new program, at customer’s discretion. Any repeated order is regarded as a separate service.

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