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Unleash the Power Of Google Spreadsheets


Discover how to import, transform, analyze and filter data that will reveal stocks possessing strong price movements combined with volume strengths. Examples of how detecting these momentum stocks (gainers and losers) can lead to powerful opportunity signals. Uncover momentum stocks within your own Google sheets with our eBook and Google sheets.


Produce exciting Pivot and Bollinger Resistance and Support price levels (stock trading ranges highs and lows) in your own Google sheets for powerful signal price turning points ? between the highs and lows of trading ranges. Uncover price turning point stocks within your own Google sheets with our eBook and Google sheets.


Financial ratios for investment decisions explained (the Benjamin Graham method) in our eBooks, accompanied by the companion financial ratios Excell workbook.

COMPANION – EXCEL FOR FINANCIAL RATIOS – analyze any stock with these powerful financial ratio spreadsheets. 50 key ratios uncovered.

FIND UNDERVALUED STOCKS Use the powerful example we provide to understand how to identify and find undervalued shares quickly and easily – using this proven method.

DISCOVER HOW TO ACHIEVE $1 MILLION NET WORTH – Our powerful Excel workbooks will find the investment yield and investment period that will deliver your personal financial goals. No more guesswork – just stick to these guidelines.

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Summary: Google, Benjamin Graham, $1 MILLION

Concepts: Stock, Financial ratio, Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheet, Stock market, Pivot table, Finance, Microsoft Office

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Excel Costing Workbooks

Excel Costing Workbooks

Costing & Expense Control Excel Workbook Collection

Activity Costing for R&D Tax Claims.

Cost Reduction Program & IRR.

Costing Formulas Templates.

Save with Purchase Order Controls System.

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Concepts: Procurement, Systems engineering, Widget toolkit

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Excel Business Plans

Excel Business Plans

Business Plans and Financial Forecasting Excel Workbook Collection.

Business Plan With Deep Equity Financing.

Fast Three Year Company Plan.

Five Year Year Financial Plan.

Funding Plan PRO 10.

Ten Year Financial Statement Forecasts.

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Summary: Three Year, Five Year, Ten Year

Concepts: Planning, Management, Future, Finance

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Excel Budgets For Business

Excel Budgets For Business

Budgeting & Consolidations Excel Workbook Collection.

12 Month Budget Forecasting.

12 Month Budgets Consolidation.

Budget Consolidation 2017.

Fast Three Year Budget Planner.

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Summary: 12 Month, Three Year

Concepts: Budget, Budgets

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Excel Workbooks For Acquistion Analysis

Excel Workbooks For Acquistion Analysis


Five Excel For Finance Workbooks

Done for you, the following:

366 Days Bank Forecasting spreadsheets – Daily forecasting.

Acquistion Analysis & IRR – Financial rate of return models.

Company Valuation Modelling – Adding assets and creating extra value .

Efficiency Investment Valuation – Efficiency modelling.

Financial Ratio Business Health Check – Comparing data over consecutive periods.

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Summary: 366 Days

Concepts: Investment, Finance, Bank, Economics, Internal rate of return, Bond, Rate of return, Personal finance

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Excel For Cash Flow Forecasting

Excel For Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting Collection Of Excel Workbooks

10 Year (Monthly) Cash Flow Forecasting.

150 Day Cash Flow Forecasting.

Best Case – Worse Case Forecasting.

Improvement Project Analysis – What If NPV Scenarios.

Instant Balance Sheets & Cash Flows Forecasting.

Source & Application of Funds.

Working Capital Cash Forecasting.

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Summary: Cash Flow, 10 Year, 150 Day

Concepts: Cash

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Excel For Investment Simulations

Investment Simulators (Project NPV & IRR)

Five Excel Workbook Collection:

Investment Project ROR Targeting.

Investment-Calc 1.

Justify Capital Investment Proposal.

Monte Carlo Sales – Profits Forecasting.

Quick Real Estate ROIC Analysis.

Any version of Excel required.

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Summary: Monte Carlo Sales, Real Estate

Concepts: Net present value, Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo method, Investment, Capital accumulation, Simulation, Insurance, Capital

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Excel Analytics For Management

Excel Analytics For Management

Seven parts Excel workbook collection.

Done for you – the following:

50 Five Period Financial Ratios.

Asset Manager, SL, DB, DBB.

Bank & Credit Card Management.

Bond Pricing & Swap Profits, NPV Schedules.

Expenses Reduction Analysis.

Inventory Control Management.

Receivable and Payable Accounts Reconciliation.

Save by purchasing all seven workbooks in this one collection.

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Concepts: Management, Baseball, Accounts receivable, Credit history

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Excel For Finance 2017 – 45 Complete Workbooks

Join the thousands of users of our Excel For Finance workbooks to get quick answers to complex financial questions, without tediously working it all out yourself – with these ready made workbooks containing the formulas that create the right answers – and use their coaching to show you how to construct financial formulas, combining multiple formula brackets in Excel to give you the solutions you want in your own spreadsheets.

The file sizes in MB are shown in brackets.

Acquistion Analysis & IRR (0.062) Costing & Expense Control Activity Costing for R&D Tax Claims (0.351) Financial Valuation For New Owners (1.213) Cost Reduction Program & IRR (0.065) Financial Ratio Business Health Check (1.515) Costing Formulas Templates (0.207) Expiry Date Cash Auto Notifications (0.065) Purchase Order Control System (1.21) Analytics Asset Manager, SL, DB, DBB Depreciation, Salvage (2.11) Cash Flow Forecasting Monte Carlo Sales – Profits Forecasting (1.9) Bank & Credit Card Management (0.481) 10 Year (Monthly) Cash Flow Forecasting (1.058) Bond Pricing & Swap Profits, NPV Schedules (0.144) Detailed Cash Forecaster for 2017 (0.495) Receivable and Payable Accounts Reconciliation (2.43) Working Capital Cash Forecasting (11.58) Free Cash Flows & Ratios For 5 Periods Analysis (1.46) Project Cash Scheduler (0.26) Present Value Loss of Earnings (0.062) Source & Application of Funds (0.131) 50 Five Period Financial Ratios (1.47) Rental Property Management (0.112) Financial Modelling Improvement Project Analysis – What If NPV (0.1) Investment Project ROR Targeting (0.048) Budgeting 12 Month Budget Forecasting (0.122) Real Estate Income ROIC (0.148) Balance Sheets 12 Month Budgets Consolidation (0.105) Rate of Return Solutions (0.04) Income Statements Budget Consolidation 2017 (1.87) Investment Calc and Loan Note NPV (0.455) Cash Flows 150 Day Cash Flow Forecasting (0.172) Pricing Demand Profit Elasticity (0.137) Consolidation Three Year Financial Plan (2.52) Project Management Business Plans Five Year Year Financial Plan (3.802) Project Management for Excel (12.20) (Done For You) 10 Year Financial Statement Forecasts (1.941) Financial Plans Business Plan & Deep Equity Financing (0.491) Share Portfolio Strategies Share Portfolio Strategy (Windows) (0.356) Forecasts Fast 3 Year Company Plan (2.462) Share Portfolio Strategy (Mac) (0.337) Funding Plan PRO 10 (1.947) Achieve Personal Goals With Goal Seek (0.079) Quick Plan for Business Start Ups (0.715) Share Value Predictor 2011-2017 (0.071)

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Summary: Cash Flow, Analytics Asset Manager, Monte Carlo Sales, Forecaster, Windows, Real Estate, 12 Month, 10 Year, Three Year, Five Year, 150 Day, 3 Year

Concepts: Net present value, Planning, Management, Income statement, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Free cash flow, Internal rate of return, Corporate finance

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Food For Health

Food For Health

This guide will be among the most important life changing sources of information about creating good health for you and your family that you will read.

And we will send you time tested home recipes and menus sent every two weeks (for 12 months) which will support your healthy living taken from grandmother’s recipe book. Look for our email asking you to register for this 2 weekly service.

This will a very important guide for your health and life – don’t miss out.

People’s health and personalities are not carved in stone. What we eat and consume really has profound effects on our bodies and our minds.

The effect drugs and alcohol have on our moods and personalities, created by floods of chemical released into the blood stream are obvious.

It is the same with foods. Food contains biochemicals, trace minerals and nutrients ? and all have profound effects on our bodies, moods and behavior.

So much so that a lack of essential trace elements, minerals and nutrients can cause great damage to our health, energy and well-being.

More serious effects of low intake levels of essential trace elements and minerals can lead to pre-diabetes, significant weight gain, learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, emotional disconnections, loss of work energies and the onset of illnesses that can lead to early death, such as full blown diabetes, aneurysms, goiter and cancers.

Our Guide supplies solutions, recipes and menus that will help you recover and sustain your health.

Plus time tested nutritious and healthy recipes that have sustained families well past their ninetieth birthdays.

You will need the Adobe Reader.

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Summary: ADHD, 12 months, two weeks

Concepts: Nutrition, Health, Healthy diet, Epidemiology, Medicine, Health care, Psychology, Food

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Tags: essential trace elements, profound effects, low intake levels, significant weight gain, Adobe Reader.Get Food, Guide supplies solutions, good health, trace minerals, healthy living, home recipes, recipe book, important life, ninetieth birthdays, weekly service, emotional disconnections, Health care, important guide, Healthy diet, blood stream, effect drugs, work energies, great damage, unlimited useSummary, blown diabetes, early death, drink/food/snack foods/food, drink/healthy eating, moods, nutrients, personalities, ADHD, bodies, menus, time, grandmother, goiter, biochemicals, aneurysms, onset, floods, sources, information, family, cancers, email, minds, lack, People, stone, well-being