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Fractal Tune Smithy

Fractal Tune Smithy

Create beautiful fractal music intricate as snowflakes. Choose or play a short musical phrase as the seed, vary the parameters, and transform it into a tracery of music! Explore historical, modern, world, and exotic tunings. Play the notes from your mouse or PC keyboard as well as a music keyboard. Play background rhythms, including polyrhythms – and chord progressions for practice sessions. Transcribe bird song. Much more.

Use this order page to purchase any of the Tune Smithy tasks.

Order types required:

PLAY also unlocks Bounce Metronome Pro and MIDI SAVE unlocks Bounce Metronome Basic.

* Fractal Player – PLAY
* Fractal Composer – PLAY
* Many controls – PLAY
* Scale Composer – FREE
* Music Keyboard Retuning – Intro – MIDI RELAY
* Music Keyboard Retuning – MIDI RELAY
* Composition Retuning – MIDI RELAY
* Retuning Midi player – Intro – MIDI SAVE
* Retuning Midi player – MIDI SAVE
* Analyse Recording – FREE
* Analyse Midi Instr. – FREE
* Audio Pitch Tracer – MIDI RELAY
* Find Notes in Recording – MIDI RELAY
* Lambdoma – MIDI RELAY
* Lambdoma Music Therapy – MIDI RELAY
If you use Tune Smithy mainly for the music therapy task, please purchase here, so that Barbara Hero can be credited:

* Metronome & Polyrhythms – PLAY
* Chord Player – MIDI SAVE (to make midi clips)
* Mouse & PC Keyboard music – FREE
* Calculator – FREE

These prices cover all future updates of the main TUNE SMITHY program. The MIDI SAVE license will also unlock Bounce Metronome Basic. The PLAY license will also unlock Bounce Metronome Pro.

Purchase the full version for unlimited use


Virtual Flower and Lissajous 3D

Virtual Flower and Lissajous 3D

Purchase both Virtual Flower and Lissajous 3D as a combined order.

Virtual flower: Create flowers and geometrical patterns in 3D. Watch them grow or unfold. A swirling pattern of stars suddenly coalesces into a geodesic sphere with all the points gracefully touching. Files are tiny, 4 – 5 KB usually, suitable for web pages.

Lissajous 3D: Make animated swirly curves which change shape. You can use real materials such as gold, pearl, ruby. Many demo curves included, and you can make new ones to add to the screen saver .Includes a Wizard, and background music

You can buy both at once here – or by selecting the option to buy both from either of the product’s order pages.

Please note – prices will increase to double the present values in August of this year. The current prices will continue to be available for students, unemployed, those on a minumum wage etc, and for educational insttitutions.

Purchase the full version for unlimited use


Lissajous 3D

Lissajous 3D

Make animated swirly patterns which change shape. You can use real materials such as gold, pearl, ruby. Many demo curves included and you can make new ones to add to the screen saver. Includes wizard suitable for young children, and background music. The classical Lissajous curves are traced by a point swinging in two directions at once- Lissajous 3D takes this into three dimensions, You can set the lighting to sunset, sunny day, dawn, dusk etc.

You can also try the Lissajous curves with gravity or friction. Make spirograph patterns. Save your results as animations as well as images. Make spiralling patterns (curve spirals around as it follows the Lissajous curve). Transparency effects…

Purchase the full version for unlimited use


Tune Smithy – Lambdoma Task

Tune Smithy - Lambdoma Task

The Lambdoma task in Tune Smithy let’s you play on an arrangement of musical ratios attributed to Pythagoras in which notes all in the same row or column play pure musical harmonies. The particular design and colour of this keyboard is due to Barbara Hero. You can play it using the mouse or the p.c. keyboard.

The p.c. keyboard has some limitations as a musical instrument – so only four rows at a time are accessible. It is also normal to find that many chords of three or more notes can’t be played from your p.c. keyboard.

To use this task without those limitations, you need Barbara Hero’s keyboard – see for details. You get an unlock key when you purchase the keyboard.

This page is for any users of FTS who want the Lambdoma view for use with mouse or p.c. keyboard on its own. Please use this page to order it if you do so, so that Barbara Hero can be credited with a commission for your order, as an acknowledgement of her role in the development of this part of Tune Smithy.

Most users of the Lambdoma task purchase the Midi Relaying unlock key. But if you want to get the polyrhythm metronome or the fractal tunes as well, order the complete unlock key.

Purchase the full version for unlimited use


Robert Inventor’s mini utilities

Robert Inventor's mini utilities

ACTIVITY TIMER is a computer activity, project or task timer. It keeps track of the time you spend at the computer on your various projects. You can also set it to automatically change project when you use particular windows. You can show the time worked for any period, by week or by day, with an option to show costs for the times based on a price per hour worked

You can also play sounds or show a variety of screen alarms as a reminder that it is time to stop work.

The other main thing it can do is to play or show reminders to look away from the screen for a few seconds from time to time as is advised by eye doctors – this can help mitigate that tiredness of the eyes that can result from long periods of staring at a computer monitor.

Easy to add a new project – just enter its name into the box and press the New Project button and it is done.

Straight forward layout. Extremely easy to use

You can also edit the text for its windows and menus, for instance to translate into your own language.

TEXT ECHO is a text editor with special features useful for some particular tasks

Features include: wild words search and replace, options to search and replace all the files in a folder while simultaneously replacing any number of search terms in all the files, integration with the Aspell spell checker, option to make a forwarding mirror for an entire web site in one click, and it can be used as a font changing echo to edit text in other windows e.g. as a basic accessibility text magnifier and colour changer, or to edit fields in windows that are too small to see in their entirety.

Purchase the full version for unlimited use


Virtual Flower

Virtual Flower

Make virtual flowers and trees in 3D! Select leaves, flowers etc from drop lists and click / drag to change shape. Make forests too. Animate them so that the trees sway and rustle, grow, or unfold. Animated anaglyphs (for 3D specs).

Uses a special method which reduces the trees in size – by using fractal definitions they are reduced from megabytes to kilobytes in size, which makes them practical for web pages.. This also leads to fast navigation of the scenes in a VRML browser.

Includes many example flowers and trees. Also various simple pre-defined scenes to place them in to see what they look like in contexts – sea, lake, desert with oasis, starry sky, ….

Any questions at all, please contact [email protected]

Purchase the full version for unlimited use


Bounce Metronome

Bounce Metronome

The software conductor, drum sticks or bouncing ball help you play exactly on the beat and in time. What a difference it makes!

* Any time signatures * Swing * Accent or skip beats easily * Beat subdivisions * drum and dance rhythms * Polyrhythms *Any Tempo *Easy to use


If you are a student, unemployed, low income, & or live in a country where the average income is low compared with the US (low GDP per capita). For details see the FAQ on the buy page at or contact [email protected]


You can take it for a free 30 day test drive before you buy it – from

Purchase the full version for unlimited use