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Start your own Magazine Guide

How to Start a Magazine and start making BIG money!
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This step by step guide will walk you thru the process in getting your magazine up and running in no time. Not only will you get comprehensive instructions, but also various methods to get the job done!

If you follow the process, you will be able to Create, Distribute and Profit from your Magazine.

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Start your Own Newspaper

BENEFITS OF STARTING A NEWSPAPER There are many benefits?as you will discover as you read through this guide. Newspapers can be incredibly well received by your community, especially ?niche? or theme oriented newspapers, in this day and age of the declining dailies and weeklies. People still like to read, they just are more selective in what they read. Here is a summary of why you may want to start your own newspaper and what you may expect: – It can generate its own income to pay for itself while promoting your interests at the same time. – It can generate a profit to help with extra income for any reasons of your choice. – It gives you much, much more room to deliver a message than a flyer or newsletter. – Advertising in a newspaper is inherently accepted by everyone over any other type of print media. – It is an accepted format. Businesses of every kind are more than likely to carry your newspaper and ?theme? papers are enthusiastically received. – It offers many ways for members or your business or organization to be involved. – It allows you to establish relationships with businesses and helps to get them to invest in your cause. – People are more apt to read it because of the diverse content centered around a general theme. – You can promote your causes, values, teachings, and advice in a much more profound way. – You can establish yourself as an expert in your field. It helps you establish credibility. – It will dramatically increase your name recognition. – It allows you to get your message out for free or for little investment! THINK LARGER THAN A NEWSLETTER A newspaper can do so much more than a simple newsletter. If, however, that is your only goal, you will find the prices at MakeMyNewspaper more than competitive to anything else you will find. But with the increased space a newspaper provides?in comparison to a newsletter?the newspaper can become an invaluable arm of information. A folded 22×14 sheet of paper gives you 4 pages at 11×14 inches. Compare that to your typical newsletter and you can begin to see that a newspaper can accommodate much more space than a newsletter can at a fraction of the price. Don?t think ?newsletter?. Think instead ?newspaper!? PICK YOUR ?NICHE?, NAME, AND SIZE Choosing the right niche is essential to the success of your newspaper. A niche is a corner or section of the overall market you will be addressing. There are many different issues, programs, causes, and problems, products, and services you could write about. But it is important to remember that your newspaper, in order to become a staple in your community, needs to be somewhat predictable to those who are interested in it as well as something you are knowledgeable about. For example, one church chose a ?family niche? and therefore all the articles primarily dealt with family issues. People have come to anticipate their next publication because they are anticipating the articles on the family. Your newspaper name and content is based on your chosen niche. Warning! Don?t get so specific in your niche that you exhaust all your content in only a few issues. For example, one church calls their paper, ?From Tragedy to Triumph?. This gives them much more flexibility in supplying content. They can deal with addictions, abuse of all kinds, and other types of success stories. Choose your name based on your niche. Choose the size of your paper based on your ability to fill it with good content. The titles of the articles need to be catchy enough so that if someone happens to pick up one of your newspapers and just glances at the front, they see something that may appeal to them right away.

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