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ASP.NET MVC Video Streaming Portal includes more than 500 basic and advances features that can allow you to build almost any type of video streaming and hosting portal on the fly. Its fully compatible with bootstrap 3.* theme with more than 20 themes / color schemes available. Due to compatibility with bootstrap 3.*, you can easily embed any premium template or custom theme within hour of effort. Main features include ALBUMS MANAGEMENT ASP.NET MVC Video Streaming Portal support grouping and managing multiple videos into albums. User have the ability to create albums and put videos into it. ADVANCE DASHBOARD ASP.NET MVC Video Streaming Portal include complete control panel section from where site administrator can manage site sites, configurations, features management, user management and user content managment. AMAZON AWS CLOUD STORAGE & STREAMING ASP.NET MVC Video Streaming Portal built-in support for saving and secure streaming videos from amazon aws cloud service EMBED VIDEOS ASP.NET MVC Video Streaming Portal not only support hosting own videos but also allow site administrator to enable third party embed videos and youtube videos by utilizing youtube data api. PUBLISH VIDEOS ASP.NET MVC Video Streaming Portal support real time publishing any format video to mp4 and other formats and prepare it for web streaming. PROGRESSIVE STREAMING (LOCAL STORAGE) Advance http progressive streaming engine to stream mp4 / webm videos progressively over HTML5 and Flash Players and on all devices including IOS. SECURE STREAMING (LOCAL STORAGE) Secure streaming supported with different approaches including Advance token based stream protection Cookie based authorization and stream protection Classic http referrer way to protect streams (not recommended as http referrer not supported on IOS devices) Using private content streaming distribution strategy, if you are storing media files in Amazon S3 private buckets BANDWIDTH THRTTLING (LOCAL STORAGE) Bandwidth throttling supported to restrict the speed of stream to certain level. It can be adjusted for. Normal users Paid or logged in users VIDEO UPLOADER MODULE ASP.NET MVC Video Streaming Portal include advance video uploader module that can enable advance video processings. Main features of mvc video uploader module includes Advance youtube style jquery ajax uploader with progress bar. Multiple videos uploading and publishing background video processing in order release application while continously sending video processing completion status to application. generating multi level (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p etc) video copies from source video. Needed for keeping various quality videos to target various devices (mobile, tablet, pc) or keeping HD (720p, 1080) version video for premium users generating multi format (flv, mp4, webm, ogv, mp3 etc) copies from single source video. Needed to keep single video in multiple formats in order to target appropriate web browsers and devices (e.g html5 in mozilla support ogg theora while in chrome support mp4 version) adding meta information to flv, mp4 videos. Meta information must be added in order to properly stream videos on the web. DIRECT VIDEO UPLOADER ASP.NET MVC video streaming portal also support uploading published videos directly without publishing. This includes Upload unlimited videos at onces Capture thumbnail by playing uploaded video Use thumbnail in video listings MULTIPLE UPLOADING OPTIONS Support multiple uploading and publishing options including Direct Publishing: this approach allow users to upload and publish videos on the spot. Recommended for low traffic websites. Sheduled Publishing: this approach will keep all unpublished videos in queue and publish it one by one in sequence. Recommended for high traffic websites. OTHER FEATURES Other core feature includes For more detail visit

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