ASP.NET MVC Media – Enterprise Edition

Written in pure ASP.NET MVC with years of effort, combined the power of more than 10 core social media & content management features (videos, audio, photos, albums, qa, blogs, forums, groups, wiki and more), and thousands of other features, combined in a single solution that can allow you to build feature rich, highly scalable, profitable social media and content sharing application on the fly using less amount of efforts and resources. It’s highly customizable solution and can be act as core engine for building more blocks and applications within hours and days. E.g builtin its part of 10 core applications (videos, photos, songs, albums, qa, forums, blogs, groups, wiki etc), if you need poll application you can extend any of available core section to add poll application within a day or two. Due to this nature, you can generate hundreds of great applications and customize with hundreds of needs and client requirements on the fly Its fully compatible with bootstrap 3.* theme with more than 20 themes / color schemes available. Due to compatibility with bootstrap 3.*, you can easily embed any premium template or custom theme within hour of effort. For more detail please visit

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Summary: social media, single solution

Concepts: Application software, Enterprise software, Sociology, ACT, Computer algebra system, Single, Compatibility, Web 2.0

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