Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro is a powerful solution to enhance the quality of your videos. Contrast, color and white balance optimization improves video quality while automatic deshaking, common in cellphone and action cam footage, stabilizes your videos. Your clips will look sharper with less noise and less flicker usually caused by poor lighting. Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro also fixes lens distortions like the dreaded fisheyes and comes with multiple camera presets for popular models. Video playback features custom speeds for slow motion and time-lapse effects. Video effects like tilt shift add more individuality to your clips while text and comment overlays help get your point across. The program also supports video editing to crop, rotate, cut or merge your video clips. Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro is the ideal blend of video editor and video optimizer to enhance and improve the quality of your videos through a logical and intuitive user interface with batch processing for huge time savings.

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