Amacsoft iPad/iPhone/iPod Disk Mode for Mac

Amacsoft iPad/iPhone/iPod Disk Mode for Mac

As we all know, due to the kinds of limits on iOS devices, we are not able to copy files from them or manage files in them freely as well as we work on a USB drive. In view of this situation, the well-rounded Amacsoft iPad/iPhone/iPod Disk Mode for Mac comes out. This all-embracing Mac tool makes it even easy for Mac users to mount iOS devices as well as the usual U disks.

* Get out of using iTunes to copy files to iDevices from a Mac;
* Copy file/folder from iOS devices to Mac is as easy as move files from normal hard disks;
* Enable iOS device as hard disk for better management of contained files freely.
* Quick search and view provide a convenient for managing files.

Robust Transfer Functions

* With this Mac tool, all your saved files, such as videos, images, audio files, etc. in your Mac local folder can be copied/duplicated to Apple iOS devices briskly with no need of iTunes.
* It supports to copy or transfer iOS kept files/folders to a Mac not needing the slightest effort.

Great Device Compatibility

Work well with all now available iPhone, iPad and iPod, which means to turn all models of iOS devices to normal mobile HDD.
* Constantly free updates will come to make this Mac utility be compatible with any new release of iOS devices.

Excellent Extra Functions

* The detail properties of any iOS devices linked to a Mac will be displayed on the first screen of the software clearly.
* Equipped with a built-in search tool for users to seek target files rapidly with name or any other related info of the object file.

Splendid Workflow

* Intuitive interface chart and operation procedures make it a piece of cake to achieve users goals.
* Its lightning-fast working speed saves Mac users a lot of time when processing a pile of files or a folder of archives.

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