Windows PC and Server backup of selected files, folders, disks, or complete systems to CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Removable drives, Network, local disks, or FTP. Disaster recovery backup and restore of Windows possible. Disc backups use an integrated or third party interface. Backup spans named multiple media when full. Optional test backup, password protection, and scheduled backups. Custom or Quick wizard-style backup job creation. AISBackup only physically backs up new and changed files since the last backup. It backs up open and locked files. Restore options include: Complete Windows system disaster recovery, individual files and folders, right click and ‘Open’ from backup or ‘Save as’ from backup or drag and drop files from backup. Comprehensive restore destination and duplicate file options enable disaster recovery or cloning Windows to new drives and partitions. Make disaster recovery boot media to enable a non-running PC to be restored, for example after replacing a faulty hard drive.

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