Advanced XLS Converter

Advanced XLS Converter

Advanced XLS Converter converts XLS to other formats for use in other database software, word processing tools, or for posting the database to the Web or Intranet. The user can choose to convert to over 10 file types, including DBF (Dbase III/IV, Visual FoxPro), PRG (Clipper/Foxpro), TXT, HTML, XML, CSV, SQL, RTF – all with a few clicks of the mouse. The program is particularly good for database administrators who often have to deal with databases in various formats and want to save money on purchasing expensive database creation tools. Advanced XLS Converter uses a wizard-driven interface that makes XLS conversion quick and easy. Conversion from the command-line is also supported. The user starts by selecting the source file in XLS, then chooses the desired output format and destination to save the new file. The next step is to preview the source and edit columns – name, size, type (if necessary). For more browsing convenience, Advanced XML Converter allows the user to filter and sort data by any column. To avoid duplicates in the output database, the program provides a special option. If enabled, the tool automatically identifies duplicate entries and erases them, so that the output is spick-and-span. After everything has been set, the user starts the conversion, which is executed automatically based on the selected parameters. Advanced XLS Converter can handle a very large database file easily, or even a bunch of files in one quick go. To convert to a new format, Advanced XLS Converter relies on the super fast algorithm that has been optimized for fast processing. It’ll take just seconds for the source to get converted to a new format. The result stands out for its perfection: basically, the output is the same as the source, only in a new format. Advanced XLS Converter is shareware, and users can try it for 30 days before they have to buy it.

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