Advanced Encryption Package 2006 Professional

Advanced Encryption Package 2006 Professional

Typically you encrypt files because you don’t want others to see them, but sometimes you want to send someone an encrypted file. Most if not all encryption programs allow you to do so–they vary, however, in terms of how difficult the process is. AEP2006 PRO most noteworthy feature may be its flexibility: Not only can you encrypt files for your own protection but you can easily create “self-decrypting” versions of your files that others can run without needing AEP2006 PRO or any other software. The program includes a file shredder that wipes the contents of your original files. It also integrates nicely with Windows Explorer, allowing you to use Explorer’s context menus and avoid having another window clutter your screen. It also uses military grade encryption for protecting your private files. Program includes 17(!) undustrial encryption algorithms: DESX, BLOWFISH, RIJNDAEL(AES), CAST, 3-DES, RC2, DIAMOND2, TEA, SAFER, 3-WAY, GOST, SHARK, SQUARE, SKIPJACK, TWOFISH, MARS, SERPENT. The latest version has support for RSA algorithm and Public-Private Key cryptography. One key is kept secret and is referred to as the private key while the other is made available to others and is called the public key since anyone can access this key. These keys are large mathematically-related numbers derived from algorithms that form a unique pair. Either key may be used to encrypt a message, but only the other corresponding key is used to decrypt the message. AEP Command Line Tool has support for all RSA alg. features.
AEP2006 PRO supports skins technology and has 10 nice additional skins.
Complete support for Command Line Interface. Support for USB Flash Drives to store passwords in protected form.

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