4 Ladino Sepharadic Songs for solo Guitar – Hard Copy

4 Ladino Sepharadic Songs for solo Guitar  - Hard Copy

The Vagabond
This is a solo guitar version for an old Bokharian tune.
The melody begins in the bass and then moves to the soprano, supported by chords and triplets with sound shades creating dynamics which express the loneliness and alienation implied by the name of the song. The piece is played a second time, fully, and this time the melody is played in tremolo.

Arvolicos De Almandra
The Almond Trees. This is a Ladino song, which is deeply rooted in the Ladino singing tradition. This time, a piece for solo guitar. It does not seem complicated, but performing the song is difficult because it should be played lightly. In addition it is filled with appoggiatura.

Mama Yo No Tengo Visto    Clike2see the video… 
A Ladino song (Spanish-Jewish) song from the 16th century. The melody in the transcript is true to the original, and is played here from the bass through the soprano strings and up to the harmonic bell-like sounds. The melody is accompanied by a constantly recurring bass.

Dedicated to my friend, the guitar artist and composer Dr. Gregory Newton.

  Cuando El Rey Nimrod
A Ladino song that celebrates the birth of Abraham. It incorporates many elements taken from the Nimrod Midrashim. This song is sung as a Shabbat Z’mira (table song) and at circumcisions. The exact date of its origin is unknown but it probably dates from the 16th or 17th century.

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