4 ISRAELI SONGS for Solo Guitar – Hard Copy

4 ISRAELI SONGS for Solo Guitar - Hard Copy

I Am Guitar [Heb: Ani Gitara]
Composed by Naomi Shemer for the singer: Benny Amdursky.
Here is arrangement for solo guitar that combines Lahav’s ideas: Opening with two short mysteries chords- arpeggios that leads to one of the most beautiful melody every written… second part repeats the song with written improvised wrapped around the origin melody. The words are not les touching: "I am guitar, the wind is playing my strings accordingly to the seasons of the year….." and ended: "I am guitar, I remember every one that ever play my stings, and I thank them all

The Valley Song  [Heb: Shir Hae’mek]
The melody was composed by Daniel Sambursky in 1934!
It was composed as a movie’s sound track, and became a popular song along with  the lyrics by Nathan Alterman. The melody and the lyrics are reflecting the atmosphere of the valley where i am living [God’s seeds valley). This amazing intensive short melody based on 4 very short themes. Now arranged for solo guitar.

Wind Flowers  [Heb: Kalaniot]
Composed by Moshe Wilensky in 1945 and sung by Shoshana Damary. Winlensky born in Poland and immigrate to Israel in 1932. His style combine European style with Israeli folk style it’s roots are eastern. Wind Flower is one of the most popular and amazing song Wilensky composed – now arranged for solo guitar by Naftali Lahav. The minor-melody streams in the bass while one changing note accompanying – of beat – in the background… the chant – in tremolo – is turn to Major…   

Wish That Happened [Heb: Lu Yehi]
Original music by Naomi Shemer, One of the most important song writer and valued-popular music – written in Israel.
Like the Spanish tradition, arrangements of great music for guitar repertory. The melody will supported with unexpected harmonies in some junctions, as well as passages.  Naomi Shemer herself confirm Lahav’s arrangement and and fixed a note or two :) 

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